When I was still at school, my Dad helped in the transformation of my brother’s vacant bedroom into my own dark room. I developed film after film of landscapes, friends, magpies, architecture… anything.

I had a dream to shoot celebrity portraiture and when I reached this place, my son Lawson had a major impact on my thinking. I was gifted with the realisation that I felt unfulfilled in my career. I didn’t feel the same about some of my work anymore. I found joy, real joy, in sharing special moments with couples and families, recreating their memories through the art of photography.

I was engaged within 2 weeks of meeting Caryn and when I ‘finally’ proposed I think we both relaxed a bit because two weeks was a long time to wait when our future together was so apparent. It was a spontaneous yet somehow romantic proposal (I think) in a karaoke bar, nestled in a quaint oyster fishing town called Apalachicola. You’ll find it on the Gulf of Mexico. We have two beautiful children with large personalities.

Photography is about love, connection, authenticity and making the world a more beautiful place.

I believe firmly that you know when you have found the right photographer for you. If my work resonates with you then please connect with me here. I look forward to the possibility of starting a creative journey with you and your loved ones.